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Women’s refuges turn away victims who speak no English

The Guardian reports concerns of women’s charities

The Guardian has reported the concerns of women's charities that victims of domestic abuse are being refused places at refuges because they do not speak English.

According to Karma Nirvana, which supports those at risk from forced marriage and 'honour'-based violence during the lockdown, there was an increased demand for refuge places and a dearth of interpreters across the public sector. Of twenty women for whom the charity could not find a refuge during that period, it said five were turned down by six separate refuges for not speaking English.

The Guardian quotes a spokesperson for the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government who said it was completely unacceptable for refuges to turn women away because of a language barrier and that:

"Since 2014, we've invested £80m in safe accommodation services to support victims of domestic abuse, and announced a £28m package to help survivors during the pandemic, including a £10m emergency support fund for charities providing refuge."

For the report, click here.