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‘Thousands could be paying over the odds for legal advice’: Legal Services Board

Consumers urged to shop around nationally for the best deals on divorce and other legal services

New Legal Services Board (LSB) research states that there is significant regional variation in the price of legal advice, including for divorce, across England and Wales for what it says are fundamentally the same services.

The research explores the cost of common legal scenarios related to divorce; buying and selling a home; and wills, trusts, and probate and devotes a section of the report to each. It says that legal advice is generally 20 per cent cheaper in the North of England and 17 per cent cheaper in Wales. Firms based in London are 33 per cent more expensive than firms based elsewhere. The research also shows that there is no price difference between law firms delivering services remotely and those providing them face to face.

The LSB says that the mean price of an uncontested divorce requiring a full legal service across England and Wales was: North (North West, North East, Yorkshire and Humberside) – £605; Midlands (West Midlands, East Midlands) – £760; South West (West, South West) – £667; South East (South, South East, East) – £808; London – £908; Wales – £629.

For a more complex divorce involving disagreement over assets, the mean price was: North – £2,397; Midlands – £2,993; South West – £3,156; South East – £3,040; London –  £4,395; Wales – £2,032.

The LSB is encouraging everyone who experiences a legal problem to shop around as they could save hundreds of pounds.

For the research, click here.