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President of Family Division returns to work

The President of the Family Division, Sir Andrew McFarlane, has expressed his delight to be back at work after his successful open-heart surgery. The operation took place in early June and has involved a necessary recovery period and whilst he is back in post, he will still need to take a measured approach to the resumption of normal duties. 

He has extended his sincere thanks to all those who tirelessly oversaw the operation of the Family Justice system in his absence: most particularly, Mrs Justice Theis, as the Acting President of the Family Division, who undertook all day-to-day PFD office duties, Lady Justice King who assumed other leadership responsibilities including attendance at the Judicial Executive Board and meetings at Heads of Division level, Mr Justice Hayden the Vice President of the Court of Protection and Lord Justice Baker who continued to lead the work on recovery for Family Justice. 

Sir Andrew is extremely grateful to Family Division Judges and others who took on additional tasks during his absence.

He is very much looking forward to working with all again in what continue to be incredibly busy and exciting times for Family Justice.