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Lockdown has increased the risk of domestic abuse for older people: Age UK

Age UK is asking the government to consider how to make the best use of resources to tackle domestic abuse among older people, because "domestic abuse has no age limit".

In a new report from Age UK – No Age Limit: the blind spot of older victims and survivors in the Domestic Abuse Bill – it says that lockdown has increased the risk of older people experiencing domestic abuse, despite misconceptions that those living with others are 'fortunate' and 'safe'. Such abuse victims are likely to be dependent on the person abusing them financially or for their care. They will face, in addition to fear, barriers to reporting this abuse such as lack of physical and mental capacity and a lack of access to digital or other services.

The charity is calling for:

The Local Government Association responded to Age UK's report, saying:

"The upcoming Spending Review needs to provide the long-term, sustainable settlement for councils so they can protect individuals and families from the physical and psychological harm of domestic abuse, including investment in perpetrator programmes and a new National Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Strategy."

For the Age UK report, click here. For the full LGA response, click here.