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New figures show gender pay gap at the Bar

New Bar Council analysis of Bar Mutual data for the year ending 2019 shows, it says, shocking discrepancies in pay between women and men barristers.

The new analysis looks at differences in pay between men and women in different practice areas. A table, presented by the Bar Council using Bar Mutual data, shows how the gross fee income of self-employed barristers in 2019 is split by gender in all the practice areas. It shows the proportion of work men and women bill in each practice area, and therefore how work is distributed and remunerated. This does not reflect seniority or working patterns so cannot be interpreted as showing that women and men in comparable situations are necessarily being paid differently.

Despite over half of new barristers being women, there are many more senior men, and these figures demonstrate that the Bar is a long way off equality. The Bar Council will track the data over time as it will indicate whether progress is being made toward equal access to work for women at the Bar.

The table shows that 41 per cent of barristers carrying out children work are men and earn 40 per cent of the gross fee income. Women make up 59 per cent of barristers doing such work and earn 60 per cent of gross fee income. By contrast, 52 per cent of barristers doing other family work are women but earn only 37 per cent of gross fee income (men make up 48 per cent but earn 63 per cent of gross fee income).

For the table, click here.