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Home Affairs Committee investigates domestic abuse during Covid-19 pandemic

New data show steep rise in cases

On 3 February 2021 the Home Affairs Committee held an evidence session to examine the prevalence of domestic abuse during the covid-19 pandemic and the adequacy of the Government's response.

Appearing before the Committee were designate Domestic Abuse Commissioner, Nicola Jacobs, and representatives of Women's Aid and the Angelou Centre. The Committee also took evidence on institutional accommodation with witnesses Asylum Matters, the Helen Bamber Foundation and Medical Justice.

Ahead of the session, the designate Domestic Abuse Commissioner supplied the Committee with data from domestic abuse victims and survivors helplines up to December 2020:

Correspondence from the designate Domestic Abuse Commissioner is published on the Home Affairs Committee website here.

The Committee explored the scale and nature of domestic abuse during the pandemic as well as the adequacy of the response from Government and police. It investigated the further challenges faced by support services in providing financial and other support to victims during lockdown.

The session also looked at current conditions in Home Office institutional accommodation including both Immigration Removal Centres and asylum accommodation.

To watch the session, click here.