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Government publishes strategy ‘to deliver excellence’ in adoption services across England

The Government has published a new National Adoption Strategy which, it says, "is set to improve adoption services in England by putting in place better recruitment across the country and removing any unnecessary delays, through more training for front line staff, improving approval process and funding for targeted recruitment campaigns".

The strategy clarifies that adopters should never be deterred from pursuing an opportunity to adopt because of their social background, ethnicity, sexuality, or age, building on advice for councils published by the Department for Education last year, which encouraged councils to prioritise adopters' ability to provide a stable, loving home and whether they would provide the best environment for a young person to grow up.

The new adoption strategy will be supported by £48 million for 2021-22, building on an investment of over £200 million to date for adoptive families. This includes £46 million to continue post-adoption help for families through the Adoption Support Fund to provide family support sessions, cognitive therapy, and activities to help children recover from earlier traumas, helping them settle into their new families and homes.

The Government is also prioritising improved support for children looked after by their family members or close relatives. A further £1 million in funding for 2020/21 is aimed at increasing the number of local kinship carers support groups, increasing funding to the Family Rights Group kinship carers helpline and including children in kinship care arrangements in the priority groups which local authorities must include in their school admissions.

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