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Family Law Week Weekly Podcast Season 6 Episode 3

Rachel Cooper is joined in this episode by Dr S Chelvan, Head of Immigration and Public Law at 33 Bedford Row







Rachel Cooper is joined this week by Dr S Chelvan, Head of Immigration and Public Law at 33 Bedford Row. Dr Chelvan is a globally recognised legal expert on refugee and human rights claims based on sexual or gender identity and expression. Dr Chelvan has practised in the field of LGBT+ asylum since 2001 and has earned a reputation for being the leading legal expert in the UK, spearheading some of the leading cases since 2005 as well as providing consultation to the United Nations, the IOM, national governmental departments, lawyers, and NGOs. For surrogacy week Dr Chelvan joins Rachel to discuss the case of H v UK (Application No: 32185/20). This is a case about a child's Article 8 ECHR right to have her biological father named as her father on her birth certificate rather than the husband of her surrogate mother (per ss. 35 & 38 HEFA 2008). The matter came before the domestic Courts was heard before Lieven J in July 2019 ([2019] EWHC 2095 (Admin))

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