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Divorcée receives £60k state pension windfall after DWP mistake

iNews has reported that a divorced woman has received a back payment of more than £60,000 having previously assumed that she was not entitled to a pension.

Under the old state pension system, applicable to those who were born before 6 April 1953, the 'basic' state pension (currently worth up to £137.60 per week) is normally based on an individual's own record of National Insurance contributions. Those who are divorced when they reach pension age can ask DWP to substitute the NI record of their ex-husband up to the date of the divorce. Working with pensions consultancy LCP, Mrs Yvonne Hooper, 77, submitted a claim for the unpaid pension and has now been awarded a full basic state pension and back payments of more than £60,000.

For the report, click here.