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CSA collection and write-off strategy nears completion

The Department for Work and Pensions has published its final release of Child Support Agency (CSA) Quarterly Summary Statistics. It includes data up to the end of June 2021. The large scale selection of cases eligible for representation and write-off under the Compliance and Arrears Strategy is now complete. A small number of cases with CSA arrears remain and some will start the representation process after June 2021 due to changes in circumstances.

Between 13 December 2018, when the compliance and arrears strategy work started, and 30th June 2021:

• The CSA has written to 253,300 parents with care to ask if they want a last attempt to be made to try to collect the debt owed to them - this includes all 134,700 parents with an eligible case on the CSA system and 118,600 parents with a case on the CMS system.

• Of these cases, 211,900 (84 per cent) parents did not respond or did not want their debt collected, whilst 39,200 (15 per cent) parents did want the debt to be collected.

• 34,500 case groups have reached the debt collection stage. They have completed representation, parents have requested debt collection and attempts to collect the arrears have commenced. For 29,800 of those case groups, collection or write off of arrears is either partially or fully completed - £61.9 million of debt has been collected to date.

• 606,600 cases with non-paying historical debt have had their debt written off- system records showed these cases had a total debt value of £2,036.3 million, of which £854.8 million was owed to government only.

41,800 cases remain with CSA historical arrears only, most of which are paying cases. These cases have a debt balance of £291.1 million, of which all £291.1 million is owed to parents with care. The CMS will continue to monitor and maintain compliance on these cases. Some additional cases with CSA debt remain which also have a separate on-going case with the CMS, these cases are counted in the CMS caseload.

For the report, click here.