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Guidance given on e-bundles in the Family Court and Family Division

The President of the Family Division has provided guidance on the use of e-bundles in the Family Court and Family Division.

This guidance supplements the general guidance on electronic bundles for all courts that had been previously issued by the Senior Presiding Judge, President of the Family Division and the Judge-in-charge of Live Services on 29 November 2021.

In particular, the new e-bundle guidance reiterates that in family proceedings:

• An e-bundle may only exceed the default limit of 350 pages provided by PD27A Para. 5.1 with the court's permission.

• In all family proceedings except for public law children proceedings, bundle pagination must start at page 1 for the first page and follow sequentially to the last page of the bundle to ensure the pagination matches the PDF numbering. Any additional pages to be included after transmitting the bundle to the Judge should be added at the end of the bundle and paginated accordingly. Bundles for public law children hearings are temporarily suspended from using this system and should instead continue to be prepared in accordance with PD 27A Para. 4.2 in which each section of a bundle should be separately paginated.

• Instead of producing a core documents e-bundle, a better method for identifying key documents is to mark them in the index with an asterisk, or to link them in a separate hyperlinked list of essential reading.

A working group for e-bundles is due to meet in January 2022, after which further updates will be provided.

For the Family Court and Family Division e-bundle guidance, click here.

Julia Queen, Barrister, Coram Chambers