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New figures indicate an average of 669 child protection referrals were made by the police a day in 2020/2021

On 01 February 2022, the NSPCC released new statistics as to the number of referrals from the Police in England and Wales to social services in 2020/2021.

The key figures are:

• Police in England and Wales made an average of 669 child protection referrals to social services a day in 2020/2021.

• Police made almost 245,000 referrals to social services for domestic abuse in 2020/2021.

• There were almost a quarter of a million referrals in 2020/2021, representing an 8% increase on the previous year.

• The NSPCC helpline also saw a record number of calls in relation to domestic abuse in 2020/2021.

For the statistics released by the NSPCC, click here.

Julia Queen, Barrister, Coram Chambers