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Statistics published regarding outcomes for children in need 2020 to 2021

The Department for Education has published national statistics relating to 'Outcomes for children in need, including children looked after by local authorities, in England: 2020 to 2021'.

Some of the key statistics included:

• Pupils in all social care groups were over twice as likely to have a special educational need (SEN) than the overall pupil population. For all children in need (CIN), almost half had a special educational need compared to 16% of the overall pupil population.

• Over half of all CIN were eligible for free school meals. This compares to 21% of the overall pupil population.

• Children in the social care groups perform less well than their peers across all key stage 4 measures (with the overall pupil average attainment 8 score being 50.9). Children with SEN have been recorded to have lower average attainment compared to the overall population. As such, the higher prevalence of SEN amongst looked after children (CLA) and children in need in part explains the difference in attainment compared to the overall pupil population.

• As is the case for the overall pupil population, for most of the key social care groups, Asian or Asian British pupils (including Chinese children) have the highest average Attainment 8 scores. The exception to this is CLA for at least 12 months, where Black, African, Caribbean or Black British have the highest average score.

• The percentage of persistent absentees for CLA for at least 12 months was 12% in the Autumn 2020 term, which was lower than the percentage for the overall pupil population (13%). However, as with overall absence, this percentage was higher for the other key social care groups.

• One in 10 pupils in 2020/21 have been a child in need in the last 6 years.

For the full statistics and data, click here.

Julia Queen, Barrister, Coram Chambers