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Nagalro responds to The Independent Review of Children’s Social Care

Nagalro has issued an initial response to Josh MacAlister's report The Independent Review of Children's Social Care

Nagalro's Chair, Carole Littlechild, said that the proposal to rebuild the routes for delivering early family help for struggling families and steer them away from the crises which might lead to children having to be removed was welcome.  Nagalro argued for such measures in its response to MacAlister's document The Case for Change last year.  Nagalro also argued that funds for early family help should be ring-fenced so that they could not be drained away to fund acute child protection cases and it is encouraged that the final report includes this proposal.

Ms Littlechild, however, was cautious about the future of these proposals because (as she points out) they are not government proposals and we will have to wait until the end of the year to read the government's considered response.

Chapter three of the report suggests that a reason for dismantling the IRO service is to provide the necessary experienced social workers to fill the need for Expert Child Protection Practitioners (Section 3.1).  Nagalro deprecates any attempt to remove the ongoing and authoritative monitoring and oversight of the looked after child's care to simply meet a staff shortfall.

For the report The Independent Review of Children's Social Care, click here. For Nagalro's full response, click here.