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Creating an offence of public sexual harassment: government consults

The Home Office has launched a consultation on whether a specific offence for public sexual harassment (sexual harassment in public spaces) should be created.

The consultation asks:

• whether or not a specific criminal offence of public sexual harassment should be created;

• if such an offence were to be created, what it should look like; and

• whether the government should take additional non-legislative actions to tackle public sexual harassment (either instead of or in addition to a new criminal offence).

The consultation is a targeted rather than a public one, and it has been sent to recipients in:

• charities and organisations focused on crimes which disproportionately affect women and girls (including organisations focused on male victims of those crimes)

• victim-focused charities

• children's and schools sectors

• organisations related to the world of work

• policing

• the legal sector

• local government

• night-time economy organisations

• transport organisations

• specialist academia.

To access the consultation documents, click here.