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Mr Justice Munby refuses "blanket ban" on reporting of Spencer divorce

Earl Spencer's divorce subject to dispute over media access

The Times has reported that attempts by lawyers representing both sides in the divorce of Earl Spencer have failed to get a blanket ban on media access to the proceedings. According to the report Nicholas Mostyn QC, acting for Earl Spencer, claimed that the parties had a "reasonable expectation of privacy" and that

“There is nothing interesting about this case apart from the fact that it is Earl and Countess Spencer. If this were two anonymous people there would be no press in here at all. It would be fundamentally boring. We are going to be looking at housing and budget. In these circumstances there is no overreaching freedom of expression consideration and privacy must prevail.”

However Mr Justice Munby refused to accede to the request as the new public policy of openness meant that the press were allowed access unless there was good reason to exclude them.

The full report can be found on The Times website.