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Justice Committee told that Cafcass is 'beyond reform'

Chief Executive of Cafcass refutes claims

The Justice Select Committee of the House of Commons, which is hearing evidence concerning the operation of the family courts, has been told that Cafcass is beyond reform and should be abolished.

Community Care reports last week's proceedings of the committee. Martha Cover, respresenting the Interdisciplinary Alliance for Children – a group of 18 organisations, including Nagalro and the Association of Lawyers for Children – told the members of the committee:

"We have considered the possibility of reform rather than abolition, but we have come to the conclusion that [Cafcass' inability] to change to meet the concerns of the other partners in the family justice system is such that we simply have to start again." 

Anthony Douglas, Chief Executive of Cafcass, which refuted the claims by the Alliance, told the committee:

"We deal with 140,000 children every year – about the largest number of children any single organisation is dealing with. This is very difficult work and often child protection work is not done that local authorities or across the board." 

For a much fuller report of the proceedings, go to the Community Care website.