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LSC announces new measures to reduce the Very High Cost Cases backlog on family matters

Guidance to be issued over the coming weeks

The Legal Services Commission says that it is working hard to reduce the backlog of Very High Cost family work. The VHCC team no longer operates a direct telephone line. This is because of the number of general civil calls being received on the section.

To allow the LSC to concentrate resources on urgent casework emergency calls may be directed to the customer service team on 0300 200 2020.
'Emergency calls' are considered appropriate only where:

Urgent queries will continue to be considered by email – see below – by contacting the team on .

To allow the LSC to process more case plans first time, and reduce rejects, it will be issuing guidance on the information required to allow full consideration of a case plan in the coming weeks.

There will be a new cover sheet for returning contract offers. This cover sheet will allow the LSC to identify offers that require further negotiation and those that do not. It will also be extending the priority returns service to case plans.

The team are also conducting a pilot stage project on the introduction of 'events' based case planning– see further information.

In addition to these measures the High Cost Case team has recruited further staff to assist in backlog reduction. The LSC asks that you please avoid contacting the team unless absolutely necessary and allow it to prioritise and work on the backlog as quickly as possible.