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Pensions Ombudsman finds against company that delayed in implementing pension sharing order

Pension provider continued to pay original beneficiary

The Pensions Ombudsman has upheld a complaint against a pension provider which failed to implement a pension sharing order made in financial remedy proceedings.

In January 2008 the court awarded the complainant 100% of the value of her husband's policy. A consent order set out the terms of the pension sharing arrangement and the relevant documents were served on the company at the end of the following March.

However, the company continued to make drawdown payments to the husband for several months despite confirming to her financial adviser that the payments had ceased. The wife did not receive a transfer from the Plan until November 2008. Since 100% of the fund was to be transferred to the wife, each payment to the husband depleted her share.

The Pensions Ombudsman directed the company to pay the wife £3,187.85, which represents redress for:

To read the determination, please click here and search against 'pension sharing'.