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Jewish groups encourage the use of pre-nuptial agreements to prevent spouses refusing to grant divorce

Efforts made to promote halachic pre-nuptial agreements

Both the International Rabbinic Fellowship and the Mavoi Satum organisation, a women's rights group, are promoting the use of pre-nuptial agreements by Jewish couples. The agreements are designed to prevent one of the partners from refusing to give or accept a bill of divorce, or get if the relationship should fail. Under Jewish law, a woman who wants a divorce from her husband must be given a get from him.

At their annual conference in Washington, DC, the members of the International Rabbinic Fellowship voted overwhelmingly in favour of the following resolution:

"IRF Rabbis may not officiate at a wedding unless the couple has signed a halachic pre-nuptial agreement. IRF Rabbis are further encouraged to participate ritually only in weddings in which the couple has signed a halachic pre-nuptial agreement."

For further information concerning this, read the Toronto Star.

Meanwhile, Mavoi Satum director Batya Kehana told the Jerusalem Post that marriage without such an agreement "removes all control a woman has over herself, which is why we are encouraging women to take responsibility and protect themselves."

To read more concerning this, please visit the Jerusalem Post.